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"Your organization is very well run all around. I have been told by parents on multiple occasions and agree that we really like how the boys are always being coached after each inning. We like to see the boys being pulled aside to have things explained to them. (My son) responds very well to coaches that he feels know the game and he feels that all of the coaches are knowledgeable and fair. He's very happy with the organization. Thanks for letting him be a part of it!" ~B

"Premier Sports Warehouse provides excellent instruction to my sons, ages 11 and 13. Since they have been part of the 12U and 13U teams, they have both improved in hitting and pitching. Their coaches are outstanding and work with each player to help them improve their game. I recommend Premier Sports Warehouse highly and look forward to seeing my sons continue to learn in the years to come." ~Michele,(Watertown)

"We would like to thank you and all of the coaches for all you have done coaching (my son). He was only with you for 3 seasons (2 summer and 1 fall), but he developed so much in those couple years. Our only regret is not playing for this organization sooner. We as a family also had a wonderful experience and have made great friends. The biggest thing is that if it weren't for you, (my son) would not have the opportunity to play college ball...thanks for everything." ~ Kelley

"You run an A+ program and (my son) and I are blessed to be a part of that." ~Bob

"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you and your coaches have done for (my son) over the past few months. I have seen a huge improvement in his baseball skills as well as his overall attitude since you have been working with him. His grades at school have steadily improved and he made Honor Roll for the 1st time this recent marking period. He was also named Student of the Month at (our school) this week. He really enjoyed all the classes at  the Warehouse and worked really hard with Ben to get stronger. He recently pitched in an intrasquad game...faced 3 batters and struck out all 3 using the change-up he learned from your pitching lessons...Thanks for all your time and patience with him. He has really grown and improved because of your facility. The positive influence all your coaches have shown him has greatly improved his confidence in his abilities to compete at the Varsity level. We will definitely be back this fall/winter again." ~Bert

"Just wanted to let you know the boys from the Warehouse looked great (at PBR Showcase) in all aspects, any program can talk about how great they are and what they have to offer. The real testament to what you and the coaches have to offer shows up at events like today. Your players stood out in every skill event today, awesome job to you and your staff!! Can't wait for this season." ~Mark

"Just wanted to say that (my college coach) teaches and does drills pretty much the same as what was taught at the Warehouse...I feel very prepared and comfortable as a result. So thank you and you guys clearly do a good job of preparing people for college baseball." ~Ian (Jamesville)

"I wanted to thank you for all your personal interest in Ryan. As you know, coaching can make a big difference in how a player chooses to continue to develop and progress in their athletic development. I know that you gave Ryan a key component he rarely got from other coaches and that was quality coaching and personal confidence. You gave him belief in his abilities to be successful. Bryan, without your positive influence Ryan might never have believed in his pitching abilities." ~James

"Thank you for giving him the respect and guidance that you did. It helped so much in giving him confidence he needed to succeed not only in baseball, but also in volleyball and life in general." ~Judy, (Oswego)

"We would like to thank you and all of the coaches for all you have done coaching our son. He was only with you for 3 seasons (two summer and one fall), but he developed so much in those couple years. Our only regret is not playing for this organization sooner. We as a family also had a wonderful experience and have made great friends. The biggest thing is that if it weren't for you, Josh would not have the opportunity to play college ball. We don't know how all that is going to work out, but he has an opportunity and for that we are grateful." ~Kelley, (Liverpool)

"I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how impressed I was with the coaching staff of the Fall 16U team. There was constant coaching, constant talking and re-direction of the players. Every play, Every at Bat Coach Dan was talking to these kids. His delivery was firm but not condescending and the players really seemed to respond well to him. My son played in NC for six years and then we moved back home to NY in the middle of his eighth grade year. Since then we have yet to find a baseball team that he not only can click with but that he can actually learn something from. We feel like he has not grown much as a player and a lot of it has to do with the coaching he has been exposed to. I could see the excitement again in his eyes all weekend and he has been talking to his new teammates constantly since we have been home from NJ. A few of them are already making plans to meet at the Warehouse and work out together outside of practice...I really appreciate giving him the opportunity to play with this team...this is the first time since moving back to NY that I feel like our money is being well spent on a baseball program." ~Jennifer, (Whitesboro)

"My husband & I can't say enough about your facility & your Coaching staff ... Our son loves playing and has learned a lot & wants to continue learning along with playing for you ... Not to mention the life long friends he is meeting along the way ... My only wish was that we lived closer so he could be there more often for APE & use of the facility more! Thanks again" ~Beth, (Auburn)

Ben- "Josh went 2 for 4 in his first game, and his 2 outs were hard groundout and pop up (just got under it a little). It was good to see him play with some confidence, thanks." ~Dave, (Auburn)

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your work with our son this winter. He made the modified team. But more important he said when he was able to pitch tonight the Varsity Coach was the one watching him. He told him he was hitting all the spots like you worked on with him. He has gained confidence over the winter that his dad and I haven't seen in him. He has compared himself to others and had always been the relief pitcher because they said he was a wildcard never knowing how he was going to throw! But he always came through. Last year he didn't pitch much but every time he did he complained of his arm hurting, for you to zone right in on that within 5-10 throws was amazing and you had us right there! Through the whole winter his arm has never hurt! We can't wait to watch him in the season but just through tryouts has been a great start! Thank you and we look forward to working with you again!" ~Christy & Paul

"This is THE place to play if you're really serious about ball. The word is out ! Going into our 3rd year and not a bad word to say about it. The coaches have their act together. Great w/ the kids and when stepping on the field the teams are of the mentality they came to win. It's been a great experience." -Pat, (Phoenix)

"The Warehouse has been an amazing experience for my son and our family! The coaches have not only taught him the game of baseball and all its aspects, but how to be a respectable, well rounded person on and off the field. Every coach is amazing and so patient with our boy. My son looks up to them as mentors. I would recommend the Warehouse to anyone that loves the game!" Lisa, (East Syracuse)

"The best group of Baseball guys in the area. They take the time to teach the little parts of the game that you just don't get anywhere else."

-Jim, (Oneida)

"On behalf of our Family, I want to thank you and the entire staff for your professionalism and outstanding work that you have done with our son. He truly has enjoyed being part of the Warehouse family and has grown tremendously as an athlete and a person. His skills have improved greatly and I have seen the transformation in him as he has taken part in A.P.E. Strength Training. He has made life long bonds with his teammates and hopes to be a part of it again next year. Thank you and we’ll see you at tryouts." ~Kevin, (Rome)

"On Sunday... my son said, 'Thank you Mom, this has been my best baseball experience ever!'. Thank you and the other coaches for putting together such a great experience for my son and all the kids. I look forward to keeping him with the warehouse until he graduates." ~Lori (Baldwinsville)

"Often we remember to voice our frustration and not our thanks. I wanted to pass along some thanks to you both today. My son pushed long and hard for us to move him over to the Warehouse to play travel ball and finally we relented. All winter long I dropped him off at practice and hitting league and sat in the car waiting for him. He knew from day 1 his decision was the right one. My son is a pretty shy kid and I really thought a big reason he wanted to move over to the warehouse was because many of his friends were on the team. I asked him that question often during the winter but he always pushed it aside, it was not his priority. What he wanted was to be COACHED..... He was ready to move to the next level and after watching him play this JV season I can say that is exactly what happened. He has had an awesome year, batting around .430 and playing great in the field. You both have had a huge influence over him this past winter and I look forward to a great travel season. So if I don't say it during the season, THANK YOU for your coaching. You both have a great connection with the boys and I can say for certain that my son has truly benefitted from the move over to your organization." ~Theresa (Jamesville)

"Really good coaches, delivering great teaching and a great message" ~Chris (Auburn)

"Working with you (Bryan), Dan and Ben was a great experience for (my son) and we are thankful for the opportunity given to him to be part of the team. We appreciate the messages you are conveying to the kids, both as players and young adults." ~Derek (Chittenango)

"Just wanted to say thank you (A.P.E. Strength Training). We have really seen an improvement in his abilities. He seems more confident and looks a lot better." ~Len (Cicero)

I just wanted to say Thank You for all you do and for making this baseball season one to remember for Luke. When Luke came to us last year after little league saying he wanted to continue playing baseball we really wanted to give him the chance to grow. And I can honestly say that you (Ben) and Bryan helped him do that. We told Luke that this was going to be “BIG BOY” baseball and he needed to take this seriously and as long as he showed us he was serious then we would support him as long as he wanted to play. I know you know how serious he is and your support and teaching has helped him to enjoy baseball even more than he has ever before and the lessons you have taught him are greatly appreciated. Jeff and I really appreciate and respect what you and Bryan do for all the kids. Keep up the great work!! ~ Michele, (Syracuse) Endorsement by local coach: “I wanted to let everyone know that the facility that we had our practice at today (Premier Sports Warehouse) has fantastic instructors. And one of our other coaches highly recommends the pitching instructor there (Justin Arsenault). He's helped his son transform into a very effective pitcher. Their website is www.Premier Sports Warehouse if you’re interested."         ~Mitch, (Fayetteville)

"Although I must say my son did amazing, your lessons must really be working. He was one of the only ones hitting on the team. The first game he had a 2 RBI base hit to tie the game going into the last inning... Second game he went 2 for 2 and their last game yesterday he was 2 for 3. So I would say he had a great All-Star tournament, the lessons really improved his hitting and confidence." ~ Sarah

"I want to extend a thank-you to a great group of coaches/trainers at The Warehouse! Your commitment to the growth and success of your organization, and each individual player is greatly appreciated! Whether you are stressing sportsmanship, building confidence, promoting solid work ethic, or improving skills, your coaching and guidance is clearly benefiting each team player. Hats off to all of you guys; Dan, Bryan, Ben, Mike...and to all the teams who are doing an awesome job at Premier Sports Warehouse-Baseball U!" ~Trish, (Chittenango)

“Ben, another great race from Dan in the 3200 (2 mile) last night against Solvay... Another pr (personal record) and 5 seconds faster than Saturday’s race. That's almost a 30 second improvement from indoor...a lot of people are noticing his improvement including his coach ...keep up the great work . Thank you !!” ~Linda, (Syracuse)

"A big thanks to both you (Bryan) and Dan. We enjoyed the experience very much. The interaction with the other families, the travel, and the baseball-regardless of a win or loss. It was very exciting to see the boys and team improve throughout the season. Your interaction with them was excellent. They appeared to be listening intently when you and Dan spoke. You guys never stopped coaching and really exposed these boys to the fine details of the game. We look forward to future experiences with you and your organization. We are sitting here with our son now, discussing how we are going to miss it. Thank you again." ~Rob, (Minoa)

"Just wanted to say it has been a pleasure being a part of the Warehouse 12U program. The methods used to train and prepare the team are exceptional and the boys are learning a lot. I wish I had this kind of opportunity to train when I was a kid. We are looking forward to continue training at The Warehouse over the winter with our membership. Already can't wait for tryouts for next season. Thank you for all your support and time spent with our son. He really enjoys working with you guys and really wants to continue to develop his skills. Keep up the great work."       ~Ed, (East Syracuse)

"First off, wanted to thank you Bryan for giving our son the opportunity to play for the Warehouse this past season. I know that he really took a lot away from the lessons, practices, and games that we will continue to work on through the off-season. You both have gained a great deal of respect from the players and parents based on your dedication to teaching of, and your overall passion for, the game. I certainly feel that each of the players gained from the experience and have a better understanding of how they can continue to improve. Several times I've watched the both of you explain situations and/or teach those kids that were on the bench "what just happened and how they could have improved the outcome", if they had done something different. Even if the players don't play that position, you guys are always teaching the game. You both run a quality program!" ~Scott (Liverpool)

"Hi Bryan, great season. We enjoyed being a part of the Warehouse  organization very much and appreciate all you have done to improve our son's skills. You could see the kids progress with each game, great group of boys. Our son respects you and the organization and knows he needs to work hard to continue to be a part of the program." ~Gregg, (East Syracuse)

“I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all of your help with my son. Although he is the smallest and youngest kid in both the pitching and fielding classes, week in and week out you and all of the staff still give him the same amount of hands on work as any of the older and larger kids. This past weekend he had evaluations for the FM Little League. The work you have put in with him showed. While in my estimation 80% of the 8 year olds failed to even reach the plate with their throws, my son put all of his throws right to the catcher without an issue. I had one of the evaluators even come up to me and say that he was one of very few kids in any age group that used his entire body to throw the ball with true baseball form and not just try to use his arm. Bryan, Thanks. Your teaching and work with my son have made him enjoy baseball even more if that is at all possible.” ~Marc, (Manlius)

"I want to give my son the best shot of maximizing his athletic abilities and I believe that you (Ben), Bryan and Mike can do it." ~Jeff, (Oswego)

"I’ve said it before but it deserves repeating..... You are doing a fabulous job with Baseball Warehouse. You are so organized and thorough and pretty much think of everything. I have 4 kids that have been on many teams in many sports and this is the first time I remember being so impressed. It is a breath of fresh air!!!! Looking forward to summer ball!!" ~Karen, (Fayetteville)

"We'd like to compliment you(Bryan) on all of your support and training. Our son has clearly benefited from this. He has been continuously keeping his pitch count down and walking very few batters. We're very proud of him and we are sending out a huge "thank you" for everything you've given him....we're excited about the Warehouse travel season. We're happy we chose this route. ~Christine, (Memphis)

“After watching a friend from JD hit ropes into centerfield, I took my son for a hitting lesson at Premier Sports Warehouse, where after the 1st lesson, he is now hitting ropes into centerfield. His batting average has gone from .200 to .600. He has multiple hit games consistently now whereas before he would go 1-?. The in-depth instruction by the staff at Premier Sports Warehouse helped my son understand the fundamentals of hitting the baseball.” ~William, (Camden)

"Premier Sports Warehouse provides excellent instruction to my sons, ages 11 and 13. Since they have been part of the 12U and 13U teams, they have both improved in hitting and pitching. Their coaches are outstanding and work with each player to help them improve their game. I recommend Premier Sports Warehouse highly and look forward to seeing my sons continue to learn in the years to come." ~Michele,(Watertown)

"My son had 2 hits over 400 feet today. Thanks for working with him last night." ~Chris, (Clinton)

"Thanks for all the hard work you coaches are putting into the team. This has been a great experience for my son thus far and he is gaining more and more confidence each week." ~Anita, (Jamesville)

"Sometimes coaches do not always hear the good things they do. I wanted to let you know that you are doing an awesome job coaching the 13U team. You spend a lot of time with the kids. My son really likes you as a coach and he has learned more from you (Bryan) than anyone ever in his baseball career. Defensively and in pitching he has improved a lot, thanks to your coaching and positive support with him. Thanks again for your support and encouragement with the team." Jennifer, (Auburn)

"A great group of trainers at The Warehouse. Keep it up! We are really enjoying our experience with 12U team." ~Rob, (ESM)

“CNY has some of the best instruction available in all aspects of the game.” ~John, (Syracuse)

“Want to say how nice your place looks compared to others. We went over to have Seth’s Assessment done and you definitely have a much nicer place” ~Marc, (Pompey)

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