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A.P.E. Strength Training

Top 100 Sports Baseball

with BEN GAAL 

A.thletes P.erfecting E.xcellence is operated by Ben Gaal and is located at Premier Sports Warehouse. Formerly a strength and conditioning coach with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim organization and a Masters of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Ithaca College. Programs are designed specifically to individual needs incorporating conditioning, strength, agility, and injury prevention. All sports are welcome. 

TOP 100 SPORTS is the leading Multi-Sport Youth Evaluation Company in the USA. Owned and operated by Premier Sports Group, Premier Sports Warehouse is the official testing location in CNY.  As a nationally recognized metric based video verified testing system, athletes combine sport specific testing with results housed in a personal digital profile. TOP 100 player testing utilizes the latest technology to capture metric based data. Athletes receive a player profile, bio, test results, club and national ranking. The Top 100 athletes per age group, by region are invited to the TOP 100 Games [Invite Only] throughout the USA and CANADA.

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