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Sessions run for 4 weeks. Each class

section will be limited to 10 athletes.
Each session will last one hour with a focus on

maintaining strength, power, range of motion and

flexibility as well as injury prevention. Please do not feel that because your son/daughter may have practices or games scheduled on some of the class days that they cannot still make great gains with this class.
Staying in the weight room is essential to maintaining strength, improving performance, and staying healthy over the long summer season. We will work to adjust training volume/intensity on days in which players also have games so that they may have time to recover and perform at a high level during those games. Contact Ben Gaal directly at 315-447-9759 or to register. Please do not hesitate to call with questions regarding the class or if you have issues with scheduling, as we can often work around many situations.



Designed specifically for athletes looking to improve their athletic performance through better jumping and landing mechanics, greater force production and absorption, and overall explosiveness. We will focus on proper mechanics for jumping and landing, improving the rate at which you produce force and reducing your risk of injury.


Designed specifically for spring sport athletes looking to improve foot speed, top end velocity and change of

direction. This program can also be utilized by athletes who do not participate in spring sports, but wish to

continue to develop their speed and agility. We will focus on proper running mechanics, sprinting and change of

direction drills, and lower body strength training.
You can choose to participate 1, 2, or 3 days per week. Please note, payment plans are available.

Due to the coach’s schedule, missed classes may not be able to be made up, although all efforts will be made to work with each athlete. If you have any questions about the class, please contact Strength and Conditioning Specialist Ben Gaal directly at (315) 447-9759.


Myth #1: Nutrition
- The myth that athletes and non-athletes can share the same nutritional habits. Scroll down to our "Nutrition" section and read up on why nutrition is so important to athletes.

Myth #2: Female & Male Athletes
- The myth that male and female athletes are built the same and should train in exactly the same manner. Scroll down to our "Girls Training" and "Boys Training" sections to read up on some crucial differences between the genders.

Myth #3: Sports Have Seasons But Training Does Not
- The myth that athletes should train in the same format (sets, reps, intensities, schemes) at all times of the calendar year. Scroll down to our "Training Seasons" section and read up on how athletes should alter their training depending on the time of their sport's year.



Nutrition is a very important, and often overlooked aspect of an athlete's training. Athletes need to realize that their nutritional requirements vary from those of non-athletes. Whether you are trying to add size and strength, or are looking to cut body fat in order to improve performance, nutrition is critical. It is crucial that athletes understand not only what to put in their body, but also when is the right time for it to be ingested. At APE we continually stress proper nutrition and hydration and are always giving out constant tips and reminders on how athletes can use nutrition to improve their performance. APE takes every aspect of training into consideration when working with its athletes. We will be sure to educate and motivate your athlete to look at nutrition as a challenge they must undertake in order to reach their goals. Nutrition must be altered to match the training that each athlete is undertaking. "Eat to Compete".


APE offers access to the weight room and its equipment for any parents or brothers/sisters looking to exercise on their own. The cost is $5 per visit and is based on availability of equipment. This is a great option for anyone looking to get healthier or simply pass the time! A waiver must be signed before access is granted.


Personal Training provides individual and specific training programs with the added benefit of hands-on instruction. Every aspect of the training program will be geared toward the individual and their goals, and will be based on their age, skill level, and time of the season. The one-on-one setting allows for complete monitoring of body mechanics, to ensure that athletes remain safe and that any imbalances are corrected immediately before the chance of injury. Personal Training is great for athletes who are just beginning to train as well as those more advanced athletes making the push toward Varsity and Collegiate level athletics.


Classes will be offered continuously throughout the calendar year at APE. The classes will be aimed toward specific athletes at specific times of the year. Every aspect of the class will be geared toward a specific sport in order to ensure maximum results for its athletes. All sports can be addressed, and classes can be created to meet demand. Nutrition, injury prevention, strength, speed and agility are all aspects that will be covered in each class. Duration of the classes may vary based upon the sport's season and what goals we are trying to achieve. Classes are great for individuals or teammates looking to receive training that is directly aimed at their sport in order to maximize their potential.
A.P.E. Training Interest Form



Oswego State Baseball Endorses A.P.E. Strength Training
Ben is a young, energetic Strength and Conditioning Coach who takes pride in his work. In my two years at Oswego State, we have used the A.P.E. Strength Training Program that has benefited our athletes immensely. Ben's sport specific program has shown to make our players much stronger physically and noticeably faster while maintaining the flexibility to perform at the highest level. The A.P.E. program is outstanding for any level athlete who is committed to being the best. I would recommend any baseball player who wants to play at the next level to use Ben and his abilities. Scott Landers, Oswego State- Head Baseball Coach

Lemoyne College Baseball Endorses A.P.E. Strength Training
Le Moyne College Baseball endorsement of APE Strength Training: The guys have been working out very hard in the weight room and it shows as they are in great physical shape at this point. We would like to give a special thanks to Ben Gaal, a former player here at Le Moyne, who is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at A.P.E Strength Training located in the CNY Baseball Warehouse. Ben has worked with our team the past few years and we have seen great improvements in this area. Scott Cassidy, Lemoyne College- Head Baseball Coach


Contact Ben:
(315) 447-9759

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